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SEO travel mistakes to avoid in 2019

Six most common travel SEO mistakes to get right in 2019

In-depth guide for all things SEO in the travel industry for 2019. Index bloat, on-site search, 404 pages, meta titles, and more. Common mistakes and fixes.

google pichai congressional hearing

Google’s Pichai answers to Congress: The good, the bad and the frustrating

Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified in front of Congress this week on transparency and accountability, specifically around data. Here’s an overview.

bing ads trending queries and broad match

What people search for: Tools for trends

Seven of the top tools available to help you discover what people search for online: the most popular topics, keywords, and trending stories.

Dragonfly: 500+ staff sign open letter for Google to drop new Chinese search engine

More than 500 Googlers globally signed open letter on Medium calling for end to Dragonfly and for “transparency, communication, and real accountability.”

Decoding SEO for business leaders: 5 tips to get stakeholders on board

As SEO professionals, it can be difficult to decode SEO for business leaders and get them on board with our strategies and projects. Here’s how to do it.

7 content marketing stats you need to know for 2019

The Content Marketing Institute released their 9th annual survey of top trends for content marketers worldwide. Here are the top 7 stats to stay ahead.

Why Wikipedia is still visible across Google’s SERPs in 2018

From queries about products and brands to celebrities and topical events, Wikipedia still features heavily across Google searches – even while our habits as search engine users change (with voice and mobile increasingly having an impact), and while Google itself works to make its results more intuitive and full of rich features. How does Wikipedia manage to maintain this visibility in 2018?

Amazon emerges as search advertising powerhouse

Amazon’s search advertising business is on track to generate more than $10 billion in advertising revenues over the next year, according to their Q3 earnings report. What does that mean for Facebook and Google, and what does Amazon need to get right in order to succeed best?

Google and Facebook back Berners-Lee’s Case #ForTheWeb

Google, Facebook, Richard Branson, and the French government are among nearly 60 parties who’ve already signed on to participate in Tim Berners-Lee’s efforts to create a contract for the web.

Data on why retail icon Sears fell in new ecommerce economy

A look at traffic and conversions, and what insights that data gives us on why once-iconic Sears failed to maintain its strength in ecommerce.

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