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A beginner’s guide to display advertising

In an increasingly digital world, where everybody’s eyes are glued to a screen, most advertising can seem like white noise. So you want to make sure you’re designing and promoting worthwhile ads in a proper venue. Here we’ll go over some simple best practices for creating a display ad.

Search advertising vs. display advertising: Which delivers the best returns?

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned vet, determining if you should use search advertising or display advertising for your marketing campaign is tough. Use the wrong channel, and you risk ruining the maximum success of your whole campaign. Thankfully, there are ways to decide which is the best for your business and which will generate the most conversions.

What’s next for Adblock Plus and its Acceptable Ads Platform?

Adblock Plus made a major announcement last week that it would create its own RTB platform and get into the ad business.

Coalition for Better Ads to make digital ads great again

A new organization, The Coalition for Better Ads, has been launched to “leverage consumer insights and cross-industry expertise to develop and implement new total standards for online advertising that address consumer expectations.”

17 useful search marketing stats from Merkle’s Q2 2016 report

This morning, Merkle released their quarterly Direct Marketing Report, ahead of Google’s own Q2 earnings announcement and it makes for a bumper stat-filled read.

Five brief but helpful tips for Google AdSense placement

And now that 21% of internet users globally only use their smartphone to access the internet, spurring Google to strengthen its mobile-friendly algorithm, it’s critical for all businesses to optimise their advertising for mobile.

Everything you always wanted to know about programmatic but were too afraid to ask

One of the biggest challenges to programmatic adoption is that people are afraid of it.

Dennis Publishing’s Paul Lomax on adblocking and ‘anti-ad zealots’

The growth of adblocker usage is one of the major problems affecting publishers today, as it has the potential to cut into ad revenues which many rely on.

Five tips for low-risk Google Display Network testing

So you’re a small or medium-sized business (SMB) and you’ve already hit a cap on how far you can go with search engine marketing and remarketing.

Dictionary of ad buying: key terms and acronyms

For beginners, buying ads can be a confusing labyrinth of jargon and acronyms. To help you make sense of them, we’ve compiled this helpful glossary.

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