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An analytics tool is a hugely useful and in-depth tool for measuring and monitoring your website’s performance.

You can derive meaning out of the data, report back accurate ROI to your bosses and help you justify further improvements or strategies.

Best of all, many of analytics packages are completely free, including Google Analytics. However when you open up Google Analytics for the first time, it’s very easy to be confused by the various terms.

What’s the difference between a session and a pageview? What does bounce rate mean? How do I create my own segments?

This is where Search Engine Watch comes in. We have the answers to all your questions about data and analytics. We offer universal overviews of how to use analytics tools in plain language. We also delve into tips and tricks that will help even the most advanced analyst getting the most from their site.

Latest Analytics News

How to improve SEO using data science

How to improve SEO using data science

Data science focuses on eliminating guesswork from SEO. Brands like Airbnb and Netflix are doing it and so can you. Tips to improve SEO using data science.

Four tools your business needs for better metric reporting

Four tools your business needs for better metric reporting

Four tools based on metric reporting that can help your company measure audience identification, site performance, events tracking, and more.

steps to deliver better technical seo to your clients

Five steps to deliver better technical SEO services to your clients

Despite how code-heavy and cumbersome technical SEO may seem, grasping its core concepts are closely within reach for most search marketers. Sure, it helps to have HTML chops or a developer on hand. But the idea of delivering top-tier technical SEO services shouldn’t feel as intimidating as it is for most agencies and consultants.

search reports for ecommerce to pull now for Q4 plan

Five search reports for ecommerce you can pull now to prep for Q4

For ecommerce companies, it’s not too early to start preparing for the holiday season. Here are five search reports to pull now as you strategize for EOY.

amazon google market share for ecommerce, data

Google + Amazon: Data on market share, trends, searches from Jumpshot

“We know Amazon and Google are big, but in reality many of us still underestimate them.” Jumpshot’s Head of Insights shares data on ecommerce market share.

guide to call tracking

Guide to call tracking and the power of AI for analyzing phone data

An in-depth guide to call tracking technology that reviews how these tools help marketers connect digital campaign data to inbound customer phone calls.

Converting custom Using analytics to optimize sales funnels for new and returning customers

Converting custom: Using analytics to optimize sales funnels

There are five key elements behind a strong sales funnel. Focus on raising awareness of your business. More tips included optimizing sales funnels.

set up google analytics annotations for google updates

How to set up Google Analytics annotations to show Google updates

With Google releasing more information about updates, you should see it as a good practice to highlight this information in your Google Analytics account.

Three tools providing actionable competitive research insight

Three tools providing actionable competitive research insight

The powerful driving source of any business is its competition. Three competitive research tools that provide highly actionable insights. search tools updates competitive analysis adds more search tools to its competitive analysis

Now, the free tool “automatically generates top competing sites that it uses as the basis for a more in-depth competitive analysis report,” President Andrew Ramm told SEW.

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